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Update Dec 19, 2023
MOD Enhanced Editing Tools
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Mod Version 2.20.1
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  • Unlimited
  • Premium
  • Without watermark
  • Exclusive Sticker Packs
  • Ad-Free
  • Advanced Editing Tools
  • Sticker Analytics
  • Cloud Storage

Whats New

  • New Premium Stickers
  • Exclusive Animated Packs
  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Early Access to Releases
  • Custom Sticker Creation
  • Enhanced Editing Tools
  • Priority Customer Support
Rate this post mod apk is an app that lets you find and create fun animated stickers for messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. It has a massive library of pre-made billions of stickers you can browse and download, featuring everything from pop culture references and funny memes to animations and artistic creations. also lets you get creative and make your own stickers to use on chat plus on status. You can use photos from your phone or even videos to design custom stickers, and the app provides editing tools to help you fine-tune them. 

With, you can enhance your conversations with pre-made stickers or tap into your creative side and craft custom stickers that reflect your personal style.

Breakdown of All its Features

Integration with Messaging Apps itself isn’t directly integrated into messaging apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. This means you can’t access’s library directly within those chat apps. However, bridges this gap with a few features that make it easy to use its stickers in your messaging

Sharing Sticker Packs allows you to create sticker packs with your favorite finds or custom creations. These packs can be shared with friends through unique links or codes. When your friend clicks the link or enters the code, the sticker pack gets automatically imported into their messaging app’s sticker library.

How Many Messaging Apps are integrated with App? itself doesn’t directly integrate with a specific number of messaging apps.  The focus of is to create and provide stickers that can be exported and used in various messaging apps.

Through its exporting functionality, makes its stickers compatible with popular messaging platforms. This allows you to use creations in most messaging apps, not just a limited few.

Billions of Sticker in Library

In addition to creating custom stickers, boasts an extensive library of pre-made stickers (which is around in billion) covering a wide range of themes, emotions, and pop culture references. Users can browse through categories such as emojis, memes, animals, and more to find the perfect stickers to enhance their conversations. With regular updates and new sticker packs added frequently, there’s always something fresh and trendy to discover.’s Custom Sticker Maker boasts a powerful custom sticker maker that lets you unleash your creativity and design unique stickers for your messaging apps. Here’s a breakdown of its functionalities:

Source Material: You can use various sources for your custom stickers:

  • Photos: Import photos from your phone’s gallery to create stickers from real-life moments, funny pictures, or even inside jokes.
  • Videos: Breathe life into your stickers by using short video clips. This is great for creating reaction stickers or short animations.
  • Illustrations (if available): If the app allows, you might be able to import illustrations or drawings you’ve created for even more personalized stickers.

Editing Tools provides a toolbox to refine your sticker designs:

  • Background Removal: Isolate your subject by removing unwanted backgrounds from photos or videos. This helps your sticker stand out clearly.
  • Text Editing: Add captions, quotes, or personalize your stickers with text using various fonts and styles.
  • Additional Tools (potential features): There might be other editing tools available depending on the app’s version. These could include adding shapes, overlays, or filters to enhance your creations.

Social Sharing & Collaboration

Once you’ve designed your masterpiece:

  • Save: Export your sticker in a format compatible with your preferred messaging apps.
  • Share: Create sticker packs with your custom creations and share them with friends using unique links or codes. This allows them to easily import your pack into their messaging apps.

How Many Type of Stickers Available Mod Apk? MOD APK

Here’s a variety of sticker types you can expect to find on

  1. Text-based stickers: These include words, quotes, or phrases for various moods and situations.
  2. Emoji-style stickers: Similar to emojis, these are small illustrations conveying emotions or ideas such as Coca-Cola football.
  3. Character stickers: Stickers featuring popular characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, or video games such as game of thrones, dramatic baby, rachel green.
  4. Meme stickers: Stickers based on popular internet memes or funny images with captions.
  5. Animated stickers: Stickers that move or have short animations, adding a touch of fun and interactivity.
  6. Photorealistic stickers: Stickers featuring realistic images of people, animals, or objects.
  7. Illustration stickers: Stickers created in a more artistic or illustrative style.
  8. Object stickers: Stickers of everyday objects or things you might use in conversation.
  9. Holiday or event-themed stickers: Stickers designed for specific holidays, celebrations, or seasonal themes.

With this range of sticker types, offers a wide variety to suit almost any taste or preference.

How to Create a Custom Sticker in App? (Step by Step Guide) MOD APK 1_11zon

Here’s how to create a sticker on

Step# 1: Open the Mod Apk. Make sure you have it downloaded and installed on your device.

Step# 2: Tap the plus (+) icon. This is usually located at the bottom center of the screen and signifies creating something new.

Step# 3: Choose “Regular” or “Animated” (if available). “Regular” creates static stickers, while “Animated” lets you make short animations (availability depends on the app version).

Step# 4: Select your image source. You’ll be presented with options to choose a photo or video from your device’s library.

Step# 5: Crop and refine your image (optional). might offer tools to crop or adjust the selected image. You can also use the erase tool to remove unwanted background areas around your subject.

Step# 6: Edit your sticker further (optional). There might be additional editing tools like adding text with various fonts and styles, incorporating emojis, or using other visual effects that you can customize according to your needs.

Step# 7: Save your sticker. Once you’re happy with your creation, tap the “Save” button. This will likely prompt you to choose a name for your sticker and potentially add tags for easier discoverability.

Step# 8:(Optional) Add your sticker to a pack. allows you to organize your creations into sticker packs. You can create a new pack or add your sticker to an existing one.

Step# 9:(Optional) Share your sticker pack. Once you have a sticker pack, you can share it with friends using a unique link or code. This lets them easily import your pack into their messaging apps.

What’s New in Mod Apk?

Updates often focus on improving the app’s performance, stability, and user experience. This could involve faster loading times, smoother navigation, or bug fixes for a more enjoyable experience. might partner with creators or introduce themed sticker packs based on current events or trends.

Requirements for Mod Apk

Operating System:

  1. has separate versions for Android and iOS devices.
  2. The exact version requirements can vary depending on the app’s updates. A general estimate would be:
  • Android: Android 7.0 (or later)
  • iOS: iOS 13.0 (or later)

Storage Space: 

The app itself shouldn’t be too large, likely in the tens of megabytes range. However, the sticker library you download can take up additional space depending on how many stickers you save. Make sure you have enough free storage space on your device to accommodate the app and any stickers you plan to use.

Final Verdict offers a fun and versatile platform for anyone who wants to add personality and pizazz to their messaging. Whether you’re browsing through millions of pre-made stickers or unleashing your creativity with the custom sticker maker (that you can create with the help of above step by step mentioned guide), caters to a wide range of users.

With its ease of use, constant updates, and ever-growing library, is a great app to explore and share laughter with friends through the power of expressive stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What devices is available on? has separate versions for Android and iOS devices.

Is available in my region? is likely available worldwide, but there could be some regional restrictions.  Check the App Store or Google Play Store for your region, or the website (if available).

How do I create a sticker in

The app offers a user-friendly sticker maker. You can choose a photo or video from your device, edit it with tools like background removal and text addition, and save it as a sticker.

Can I share my custom stickers with friends?

Yes! allows you to organize your creations into sticker packs and share them with friends using unique links or codes.

What are the benefits of Mod Apk?

The mod apk version might offer features like an ad-free experience, exclusive sticker packs, advanced editing tools, or cloud storage for your stickers. (Specific features may vary.)

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