Gather ‘Round the Board: Discover How to Play Ludo for Fun

by , Monday, 19 February 2024 (2 months ago)

Let me ask you a question. What is the one thing that makes you think smarter, offer challenges, and add fun when you are with your friends?

Well, this is an awkward combination! If you know the answer, then you are a genius. It is a board game that keeps your mind busy thinking and outsmarting your friends.

One such exciting board game is Ludo. The innumerable outcomes of rolling a die and moving a token make this game thrilling.

So, gather around the board and learn how to play Ludo with friends.

Things You Need to Play Ludo

Ludo is a classic game that can be played anywhere with friends and family anytime. Be it a function or an outing, this board game can change the environment into a happier one. The soft banter and friendly competition are what you need to revive and feel fresh.

Traditional Ludo needs the following things to be arranged.

  • At least two to four players
  • A set of four tokens for the colors red, blue, yellow, and green
  • A Ludo board
  • One or two dice
  • A small tumbler to roll dice

You can roll a die with your hand or use a small tumbler. According to the ranks of colors, every player gets a chance to roll dice and move their tokens on the designated track. Now, here is a twist. Arranging two or four players in a common location takes time and effort.

We are so busy with our lives that meeting someone close frequently becomes impossible. How can you play a quick game of Ludo?

Well, the mobile gaming apps are here to rescue you. You only need to download the same Ludo app and create a private room to join with friends. Let us find out how to initiate this game online.

The Ludo Gameplay

Place all the tokens on respective colored houses. You will find that the four tokens have the base position designated on a Ludo board. There are squares drawn alongside the colored houses on the board. These square blocks comprise a track that every token will follow, starting from the base position. This track ends in the home position. When all the tokens reach the home, a player wins.

If you observe, you will find that the track of any color crosses or overlaps the other three tracks. It means all the players must move their tokens to the opponents’ territories. Let us learn how this game begins. Generally, the red player gets the first chance to roll a die. He can unlock a token from its base position if he rolls a six.

Rolling a six will reward another move to the player apart from bringing a token out of the base. The player will use the next turn to move his token from the starting position on the track. If a player rolls another six, he can either bring another token out of the base or use it to move the unlocked token further on the track.

A player can distribute such special moves among two tokens in some Ludo variants.If your token lands on another player’s token on the track, you can capture it and return it to its base position. The other player will lose the development and has to start over. You will find specific zones marked on the Ludo board called safe zones.

In these zones, no tokens are allowed to capture others. When you enter a safe zone, your token will remain safe from others. This is how the game continues.

You will take your tokens safely from the base to the home position. You will be declared a winner before the rest when all your tokens reach the home position. Now, remember that Ludo’s online variants differ from this conventional mode.

How to Play Ludo Online

This traditional rule remains the same for almost all Ludo variants played online. The online versions take less time to complete as the gameplay focuses on quick results. In some variants, players get decided moves to roll dice and move tokens. The variant chooses a winner based on the points scored by advancing the tokens on the blocks and capturing others’ tokens.

The scoring point may also focus on how many tokens have reached the home position. The first step is downloading a ludo game and choosing a Ludo variant. Understand its rules and practice to get habituated. Explain the rules to your friends. So, follow the rules of a Ludo variant to decide the aim and strategize to win.

If you want to play this game with unknown players, join an online table. Three other players from any location can join randomly and continue playing the chosen variant with you. Everyone will stick to the same rules with no disparity. In online Ludo, you can roll a die by using the functions.

A random number generator algorithm designates a number for every die roll. This outcome will be used to move your token on the board automatically. You will not have to do anything apart from tapping the functions, and the chosen token will move automatically. When two players compete, they choose colored bases that are diagonally opposite. You can also team up with your friend to compete with another team.

In this case, your friend will get a color diagonally opposite to yours. All the variants of this game played online follow the rule of six. You can unlock a token by rolling a six and will get another chance to roll. Some gaming apps allow rolling three sixes, whereas the conventional rule cancels the move when a player rolls the same.

Dive into the Fun of Ludo

Ludo is not just a game; it’s a timeless classic that brings people together, whether it’s around a physical board or through virtual platforms. Its simple yet engaging gameplay offers a perfect blend of challenge and fun, making it an ideal choice for gatherings with friends and family.

While the traditional board game requires physical presence, the advent of mobile gaming apps has made it more accessible, allowing players to enjoy the thrill of Ludo anytime, anywhere.

Whether played offline or online, Ludo continues to entertain and unite players of all ages, proving that some games truly stand the test of time. So, gather your tokens, roll the dice, and enjoy your journey filled with excitement, laughter, and friendly competition with Ludo.

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