Drift Hunters
Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

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4.5 ( 626 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Drift Hunters
Publisher Illia Kaminetskyi
Genre Action
Size 392M
Version 1.5.7
Update May 17, 2024
MOD Multiple Cars
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Drift Hunters is the most famous version in the Drift Hunters series of publisher Illia Kaminetskyi
Mod Version 1.5.7
Total installs 5M+

  • Unlock Unlimited Cars according to your choice.
  • Advance Interface
  • Graphics

Whats New

  • Enhanced car customization options
  • New cars added frequently
  • Improved graphics and physics
  • Expanded track selections available
  • Online multiplayer mode introduced
  • Detailed tuning and upgrades
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A virtual reality game called Drift Hunters MOD APK (Unlimited money) was made for people who have an insatiable love for automobiles and racing. Cherish the moments spent operating vibrant, unique vehicles. Personalize your collection by adding personal touches and expanding it with newer, more varied vehicles. As you advance in races and take the lead at each racetrack you visit, demonstrate your adept driving abilities. Play around with the car’s controls and the wacky paint combinations you can create. with the smoothest racing experience, swap out outdated components with updated ones. 

The majority of well-known racing games share challenging levels and visually appealing and well-built vehicles. With so many different car kinds available in this game, racers won’t get tired of operating automobiles. Additionally, before to every race, every automobile is always the cleanest possible. Each race has a random integration of really catchy songs that improve your combat power. You should use the realistic physical rules that will be imposed to the game to your advantage in order to win on the racetrack.

Get the Drift Hunters Mod Apk

Drift Hunters Mod Apk

Man has been enamoured with speed from the beginning of time. Because early humans could run away or hunt so quickly, it appeared to be an instinct. More and more, individuals are creating cutting-edge technology that boosts speed. Over time, the development of high-speed vehicles greatly improved the ease of transportation. In the end, the most renowned automakers used racing as a platform to showcase their wares and meet public demand for entertainment and economic advancement. The objective is to drive the car of your choice and win every race you enter.

Innovative Multiple cars

The designs of each vehicle are based on actual, well-known automakers. You can try out more than 25 different kinds of autos. In addition, you can customize each model by changing the paint color and accessories to your preference. The result will be an experience that is never dull, even after hours on the road. Not to mention that the engine blocks and designs of different vehicle types are completely unique. There isn’t an ideal vehicle, but they all cater to different kinds of riders. To succeed in each race, you’ll need to rely on your racing prowess and the capabilities of your vehicle.

Races and Highways

Drift Hunters Mod Apks

A wide variety of venues will play host to the races. On sometimes, you may encounter other racecars and even spectators who are rooting for you to win. Racetracks, major towns, highways, or picturesque tourist spots serve as inspiration for the settings. Although crossing the finish line is an objective that everyone strives for, it would be remiss of you not to soak in the breathtaking natural landscape as you drive. The picture-perfect shot will be yours for all time when you add the picturesque curves to the breathtaking landscape.

Game Modes

The premium version of Drift Hunters offers two distinct modes to satisfy your inner drift demon: Single Player and Multiplayer. Let’s get into the unique experiences each provides:

Single Player: Honing Your Skills in Solitude

  • Perfecting Your Craft: Single player is your training ground. Here, you can hone your drifting skills on a variety of tracks without pressure. Master drift techniques, experiment with car setups, and chase increasingly higher scores.
  • Unlocking New Challenges: As you conquer tracks in single player, you’ll unlock new ones, pushing your limits with more complex layouts and weather conditions.

Multiplayer: Putting Your Skills to the Test

  • Thrilling Competition: The heart of the premium experience lies in multiplayer. Here, you go head-to-head (or drift train) with other players, battling for drifting supremacy.
  • Different Game Modes: Multiplayer offers various modes to keep things fresh. You might be chasing the highest score in a Drift Attack, or battling for dominance in a Capture the Flag-style mode with drifting twists.
  • Social Interaction: Multiplayer lets you connect with other drifting enthusiasts. You can boast about your victories, learn from others’ techniques, and build a virtual drifting community.

Earn Money

One could argue that if drivers don’t get anything, racing and winning will be pointless. With that in mind, monetary compensation is commendable even in this game. You can use the money to buy a new automobile, alter the color of the old one, replace parts, and do a lot of other worthwhile things. However, if you want to make money, racing frequently and aiming to finish first is a necessary. Simply put, that is the only way to ensure that your earnings are maximized. You need to be smart with the coins; don’t squander your time and energy on pointless pursuits.

Car Tuning & Customizations

There will be a dramatic decline in the vehicle’s quality as the car’s spare parts age. Your vehicle needs your attention now. The experience on the track can be enhanced by replacing old components with superior new ones. Also, when the old cars in Drift Hunters APK 1.5.7 start to fall short in performance, don’t hesitate to upgrade to a new one.


At any time, day or night, players of Android devices can enjoy the thrilling gameplay of mobile racing in Drift Hunters. One can always lose themselves in the fantastic racing gameplay thanks to the realistic driving dynamics, immersive visual effects, relatable automobile motions, and numerous realistic 3D visual components. Plus, using the graphical settings, you can make Drift Hunters look just the way you want it on any mobile device.

Sound & Music

Drift Hunters is an entertaining mobile game that has engaging graphic components and stunning sound effects and soundtracks that will keep you hooked. On various rides, you can hear the rumble of powerful engines, the screech of burning asphalt as you drift, and the serenade of incredible music.

Final Verdict

Car enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their tuning and drifting adventures in a variety of different ways thanks to Drift Hunters’ gameplay, which is both straightforward and incredibly exciting. Feel free to participate in the incredible racing courses and take pleasure in testing out a wide variety of incredible automobile types. Experiment with the many tuning choices to get the most out of your rides and have fun doing it. In addition, you may always play the game on our website, which is completely free and has no restrictions.

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