My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK V3.3.2.11110
My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK V3.3.2.11110

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK V3.3.2.11110

Embark on a journey filled with friendship and joy in My Talking Tom Friends.

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4.5 ( 558 ratings )
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Name My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK v3.3.2.11110
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Genre Casual
Size 140.15 MB
Update Nov 6, 2023
MOD Unlimited Coins
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My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK v3.3.2.11110 is the most famous version in the My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK v3.3.2.11110 series of publisher Outfit7 Limited
Mod Version
Total installs 500M+

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Max Energy

Whats New

  • New character: Becca the Bunny joins the fun!
  • Additional mini-games for more excitement.
  • Trendy outfits and accessories to dress up your favorite characters.
  • Special seasonal events with exclusive rewards.
  • Enhanced social interactions to connect with friends in the game.
4.5/5 - (2 votes)

In this extraordinary world of my talking tom friends mod apk where fun and friendship take place in a vibrant virtual universe.

Developed by Outfit7 Limited, this modded APK enhances your gaming experience, offering exciting features and opportunities to customize your gameplay.

Join Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Becca, and Ginger in their shared home, and engage in entertaining activities as you nurture friendships, explore new adventures, and create unforgettable memories in this whimsical digital playground.


Talking Tom & Friends is a widely popular Slovenian multimedia franchise by Outfit7 Limited, known for its diverse range of mobile apps featuring anthropomorphic animals that mimic user speech.

My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk About

Additionally, the franchise produces online shows that follow the adventures of these characters. Debuting with the app Talking Tom Cat on June 26, 2010, the franchise’s main show, also named Talking Tom and Friends, has garnered immense success with numerous accolades and five highly successful seasons amassing over five billion views.

With more than 13 billion app downloads and 15 billion views across all shows and channels, Talking Tom & Friends has become one of the most significant franchises globally.

⇒ Original vs Mod Comparison

FeatureOriginal Talking Tom FriendsModded Talking Tom Friends
AdsIncludedAds free experience
CharactersTom, Angela, Hank, Ben, GingerOriginal characters + New additions
Graphics and AnimationStandard graphics and animationsUpgraded visuals and smoother animations
Mini-GamesLimited mini-gamesdiversified mini-games
RewardsBasic reward systemImproved rewards

Features of My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk

My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk is a mobile game that features various characters with unique personalities and abilities. Some of the key features of the game include:

My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk Features

Multiple Characters

It features a delightful cast of popular characters, including:

  • Tom
  • Angela
  • Hank
  • Ginger
  • Ben
  • Becca. 

Each character brings their own unique personality, traits, and abilities to the game, adding depth and diversity to the gameplay experience.

Players can interact with each character individually and witness their distinct behaviors and quirks, making the virtual world vibrant and engaging.

Whether it’s Angela’s musical talents or Ben’s scientific pursuits, each character offers something special for players to discover and enjoy.


Players have the freedom to personalize the characters’ appearance, outfits, and living spaces, allowing them to create unique and distinct looks for each character. 

Through various customization options, players can tailor every aspect of the characters to their preferences, expressing their creativity in the game.


Players can enjoy a range of entertaining mini-games with the characters, providing opportunities to earn rewards and interact with them in diverse and engaging ways.

These mini-games offer an additional layer of entertainment and interaction within the game, contributing to a dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Virtual Pet Care

Players are able to take care of their virtual pets by attending to their needs such as feeding, bathing, playing, and ensuring they get sufficient rest when tired.

This aspect adds a nurturing and interactive dimension to the gameplay, allowing players to form a deeper connection with their virtual companions.

Social Interactions

In My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk, the magic extends beyond individual character experiences as social interactions take center stage, elevating the gameplay to a whole new level. 

The characters in the game are not just animated entities; they come to life through dynamic interactions with each other. 

This unique feature allows players to witness the development of genuine friendships among Talking Tom and his companions.

Collectible Items

Embark on a treasure hunt within the vibrant world of My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk, where an array of collectible items awaits discovery. 

Players can find and gather various items scattered throughout the game, each holding the key to enhancing their characters’ homes or unlocking exciting new activities. 

These collectibles add an element of exploration and strategy to the gameplay, encouraging players to seek out hidden gems that not only beautify the characters’ living spaces but also open doors to novel and entertaining experiences.

Real-time Emotions

Witness a groundbreaking level of realism in My Talking Tom Friends as the characters respond in real time to your interactions, showcasing a spectrum of emotions. 

This innovative feature brings the virtual pet experience to life by allowing the characters to express joy, contentment, or even a touch of mischief based on how the player treats them. 

The game dynamically captures the nuances of each character’s feelings, creating an immersive and authentic connection between the player and virtual companions. 

From laughter to pouts, the real-time emotions in My Talking Tom Friends Mod Apk add an extra layer of depth, making every interaction a genuine and engaging aspect of the virtual pet ownership experience.

Enhanced Graphics and Animations:

The modded version elevates the charm of the game, providing a visually stunning and captivating gaming experience. From the characters’ expressions to the vibrant details of their surroundings, every moment is brought to life with a heightened level of detail and creativity. 

The enhanced graphics contribute to a more immersive and delightful atmosphere, allowing players to appreciate the whimsical world of Talking Tom and Friends in all its glory. 

Whether it’s the playful antics of the characters or the intricacies of their animated interactions, the modded version ensures that every second in the game is a visually enchanting delight.

Bottom Line

It brings a refreshing and enriched experience to the familiar world of virtual companions. With expanded customization options, enhanced interactivity, a diverse array of mini-games, improved speech recognition, and upgraded visuals, this modification elevates the overall enjoyment of interacting with Tom, Angela, Hank, Ben, Ginger, and the new additions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

1. What is My Talking Tom Friends Game?

My Talking Tom Friends is a mobile game where players can take care of virtual pets and form friendships with talking animal characters, including Tom the cat, Angela the cat, Hank the dog, and others.

2. How do I play My Talking Tom Friends?

Players can interact with the characters by feeding them, playing mini-games, customizing their homes, and participating in various activities to level up and unlock new items.

3. Can I customize the characters’ appearances?

Yes, players can dress up the characters in different outfits and accessories to give them a unique look.

4. What platforms is My Talking Tom Friends available on?

My Talking Tom Friends is available for download on both iOS and Android devices through their respective app stores.

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4.5/5 - (2 votes)

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